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Changing the friction linings

The friction linings on the discharge drums become worn over the lifespan of ContiRoll® presses. Regular inspections and replacement of the friction linings when required is necessary to ensure consistent production and high-quality products.

  • lower output rates
  • malfunctions and production downtimes
  • Delta-V problems
  • increased wear up to damage to the steel belt

Range of performances

  • When necessary: preliminary inspection to determine the condition and to recommend and define spare parts requirements
  • Individual personnel and resource planning
  • Delivery of all the required spare parts in OEM quality
  • Coordination and monitoring of work at site
  • Removal of the worn friction linings
  • Installation of the new friction linings
  • Checking of the mechanical pressing function during


As a plant manufacturer, Siempelkamp is able to provide its customers with a comprehensive package consisting of:

  • Parts supply
  • Installation supervision by experienced Siempelkamp service specialists


Assembly teams from our partner companies may be optionally deployed to carry out the work if it is not possible for the customer's own personnel to do so.

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