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24/7 Emergency Remote Service

Reliable support is needed in the event of plant downtimes, when production is impaired or when it can be optimised. This support must, on the one hand, focus on the plant's output while, on the other, also satisfy the high demands that are made on the safety of remote maintenance processes. Our solution: a remote system that has been specifically developed for industrial use. It is a system that allows us to directly analyse the plant status and to do so quickly and safely.

Only when the plant owner has provided legitimisation can the plant be connected over the Internet through a service router to a central remote server at Siempelkamp. As the plant owner, you are at all times able to track all activities that take place within the framework of the remote maintenance session. All the work carried out during the session will be automatically documented.
Our remote service is available for ContiRoll ®systems and may also be retrofitted on existing plants. You may sign up for the service when you purchase the plant but you may naturally decide to arrange it with us at any later time.

Range of performances:

  • Remote plant maintenance
  • Plant optimisation
  • Troubleshooting
  • 24/7 service in the event of plant downtimes


  • Maximum safety and comfortable use
  • Secure connections through VPN
  • Plants will only be accessed in response to service requests by the owner
  • Access only to previously approved plant components
  • Automatic documentation of the service
  • User-friendly handling

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