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Upgrade PLC Gen. II

The MVME cards used in the SPC system (pressure/position control of the ContiRoll®) have been discontinued.

Availability of spare parts

  • CPU cards (MVME 172-644):       discontinued / no spare parts available 
  • TVGA-SVGA card:                        discontinued / no spare parts available
  • G3 / G4-Controller:                        discontinued / no spare parts available
  • Hard disc                                       discontinued / no spare parts available


We therefore urgently recommend replacing the existing SPC system with the successor SPC generation II (GII). This system is the latest standard for our new ContiRoll® plants. The existing control programs may be converted to match the new system. Access to the user interface via internet explorer. This may be realised using the existing computer when connected to the same network as the new SPC system. Since the interbus controllers have been discontinued and the interbus modules are now prone to failure, the interbus periphery must also be retrofitted to ProfiNet.


  • Production downtime is prevented and a single processor card is used for all the SPC functions.
  • Programs and data are saved in memory chips, rendering a hard disc superfluous.
  • Optional implementation of additional modernisations.


Replacing the Phoenix-ST modules with inline modules

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