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Upgrade S5 – S7 (1500) / PLC – Controllogix

As the CPUs and the communication processors are subject to continuous development by the manufacturers, spare part supply for older devices can only be maintained for a limited time. When maintenance contracts are discontinued by the manufacturers, discontinued control devices must be replaced with the latest state-of-the-art systems.
PLC racks including input and output groups will be replaced with new rack systems including the input and output assemblies. The existing plugs are re-used and linked via adapter plugs to the new PLC cards.


  • Prevention of production losses
  • Maintaining a reliable spare parts’ supply
  • Use of the up-to-date bus technique
  • Optional implementation of additional modernisations


  • Replacing Siemens S5-control systems with the S7-control system
  • Replacing Rockwell PLC5-control systems with ControlLogix

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