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Modification of the glue/furnish blender - Ecoresinator

In MDF plants the Ecoresinator guarantees an optimal fibre resination. Especially plants producing a widely varying board thicknesses have a glue saving potential of up to 15 %. The Ecoresinator is quite a compact design and can thus easily substitute a conventional system.
Glue and steam are sprayed through 2-component nozzles into the blowline. The size of the droplets can be adjusted to the technological requirements by setting the steam pressure. The board is thus able to achieve the required physical properties, containing the least possible amount of glue.


The Ecoresinator is a modular design comprising three components:
  • The steam supply is installed in the upper unit.
  • The actual resination process takes place in the blow line in the medium unit.
  • The water and glue supply is installed in the lower unit.


  • Defined setting of the process parameters
  • Optimal glue application onto the fibres
  • Maximum glue utilisation
  • Glue savings of up to 15 %
  • Reduced production costs
  • Self-cleaning system hence max. uptime
  • Pre-tested machine, therefore retrofits within 8 hours


Number of nozzles: 10 / 15 / 20



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