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Modification of the wind formers - EcoFormer

In particleboard plants, the EcoFormer principle improves the forming accuracy of the surface-layer mat formers.


The EcoFormer may be retrofitted into existing plants, as it fits neatly into the space of conventional wind Formers.


  • Improved forming in longitudinal and transversal directions
  • Reduced installed electrical power by more efficient air ducts
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Reduced production costs by optimal use of resources (wood, glue, electrical and thermal energy)

5-80 EcoFormer Windstreumaschine_A-FIN591bfb2e8d4bb4.82779229.jpg

5-80 Ecoformer Windstreumaschine_B-FIN591bfb2e8d4fc0.30081154.jpg

5-80 Ecoformer Windstreumaschine_C-FIN591bfb2e8d51e0.75355684.jpg

EcoFormer _001591bfa18eefaa4.39754576.jpg

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