Metal forming

When high standards are demanded of metal products there is no way around using Siempelkamp’s hydraulic hot and cold forming presses.

Plant operators specialising in the aircraft, aerospace and automobile industries as well as the energy industry may select a tailor-made forming press from our extensive range of products. The mechanical, hydraulic and electrical equipment of our hydraulic hot and cold forming presses is developed and manufactured by us at various international locations. Moreover we run our own Krefeld-based foundry and manufacturing facility for producing cast structural components, electrical and hydraulic equipment. The presses are assembled and started up by us at the customer’s site. Our range of products is complemented by ancillary equipment for manipulating the workpieces.

Since we provide system solutions, our customers may depend on us from the first draft of the machine up to its start-up, going far and beyond the latter: plant operators know from a very early stage that they are heading towards an efficient production with all work carried out with utmost precision and reproducible results.

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