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Isothermal forging presses

Our isothermal forging presses produce sophisticated, heavy-duty components for high-tech products.  We furnish our customers with first-class solutions including control systems for the fine-tuning of pressing speeds. Our presses are designed for high-precision applications indispensable in the aircraft/aerospace and medical engineering industries. The challenge here is to manage pressing speeds of 0.01 mm/s in controlled operation, which is ensured by our own electrical and hydraulic control engineering.

Siempelkamp also offers plants to be used for isothermal forging. They comprise the furnace, the feed manipulator, the forging press, the die heater, the hydraulic drive system and the entire automation technology. The plant control for isothermal forging presses monitors and documents the process parameters in compliance with the certification standards to be observed in the aircraft industry.


  • Turbine blades and disks
  • Medical equipment
  • High-performance motor components

Application areas:

  • Engine construction / aerospace energy technology
  • Medical technology
  • Automobile industry


  • Heat-resistant titanium alloys, e.g., titanium aluminide
  • Nickel-base alloys

Features and function:

  • Furnace technology for component heating
  • Gas-tight enclosure including climate control of the working space
  • Manipulator for component handling
  • Press segment
  • Ejector
  • Device for automatic die change
  • Die cleaning system
  • Airlock technology
  • Process data acquisition and evaluation


  • Complete plant technology from one source
  • High forging accuracy: near-net-shape forging for resource-efficient production
  • Process-adapted forging speeds of up to 0.01 mm/sec
  • High degree of automation
  • Extremely user and maintenance friendly
  • High plant availability

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