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Open-die forging press

Our open-die forging presses play an important part among the forming presses.  Siempelkamp supplies complete open-die forging presses equipped with manipulators and ancillary equipment such as lifting turntables and quite a number of additional components.  Our presses operate reliably, fast and precisely, operating at pressing forces between 10 and 160 MN. The range of presses available comprise push-down or pull-down designs, two- or four-column designs with oil-hydraulic or water-hydraulic drives. High-stroke frequency contributes to the efficiency of these presses. Our customers produce bars, discs, rings, and flanges from materials such as steel, high-alloy steel, nickel-based alloys, titanium, and aluminium on these presses.

They prefer to order turn-key plants including integrated manipulators, turntable, die magazine, and die-changing system. Our know-how in the field of process technology is not just restricted to the forging technology of the press,   but also covers the design of the furnace capacities, basic design of the production hall, and the complete basic plant engineering as well.

Features and function

  • Automatic die changing system
  • Tool heating system
  • Top and bottom forging die  
  • Integrated equipment for fully-automatic forging
  • Integration of material handling systems
  • Control technology
    • Forgemaster technology software
    • Dahmos process data acquisition
    • Prod-IQ®        
    • Online remote control & access


  • High stroke frequency
  • Energy-efficient drive technology
  • Maintenance-friendly hydraulics
  • User-friendly control for highest precision
  • Simulation program for optimized processes




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