Ring rolling mill

With the ring rolling mill Siempelkamp completes its range of products for the manufacture of rings. From forging the pre-forms to manufacturing the ring blanks to ring rolling, we supply everything from a single source.
Siempelkamp’s ring rolling mill manufactures seamless rings made of steel and special materials such as nickel-base, titanium, or aluminium alloys using maximum radial and axial pressing forces. The radial pressing force is hydraulically generated and applied to the part via a mandrel roll.  Radial rolling is carried out by reducing the roll gap between the driven external roller and the mandrel roll. The axial pressing force is also hydraulically generated and applied to the part via the upper axial roller. Axial rolling is carried out by means of the vertical forward feed of the upper axial roller.
A centring device provides for the correct position of the ring during the rolling process. Furthermore, the roll gap can be adjusted by means of hydraulic cylinders which guarantee a resolution of 0.05 mm. The cylinders allow an inclined position of the upper axial roller of up to 2° and, at the same time, compensate the expansion of the axial frame. This is advantageous when rolling disk-shaped rings. 
The control of the rolling mill allows the implementation of the rolling processes in manual and automatic mode. All movements of the rolling mill are controlled by a SPS control. For the implementation of rolling processes in automatic mode, a modern CNC control, the SicoRoll control, which was especially developed by Siempelkamp for ring rolling, is used. It is based on an open modular system consisting of standard control modules. Parameters such as the rotational speed, forces, torques, and ring position can be easily monitored and adjusted. Thus, Siempelkamp supports the user not only during process planning but also provides the customer with the ability to adjust the process during rolling. The data monitoring system DAHMOS records all relevant process data as well as possible adjustments to the process during ring rolling.


  • Complete hydraulics
  • Automation technology for the entire plant
  • SicoRoll software for determining the relevant rolling parameters with the help of a database, containing data of tools and materials as well as common rolling curves
  • DAHMOS system for the storing of process parameters and for maintenance


  • Customer-specific design
  • Open programming: customers can produce custom rolling curves and strategies
  • Precise laser measurement systems
  • Process reliability due to SicoRoll control
  • High repeat accuracy due to DAHMOS system
  • Maintenance-friendly due to easy and quick replacement of wear caps

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