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O-Forming press

The O-forming press applies a press force of 4,000 metric tons per meter of pipe. This is necessary to form today’s material grades above X100 to the desired round shape at the optimum level of reduction.  
The control concept with (patented) multi-cylinder parallelism control ensures that the moving beam maintains a position parallel to the press table with a tolerance of +/-1 mm/m over the entire length. Combined with our tools, this results in a precise pipe gap which leads to significant time and material savings for the subsequent welding process.
The intelligent sensor and control concept of all main cylinders ensures that different sheet lengths (e.g., residual lengths) can be processed.
The press is powered by either conventional drive concepts or via frequency-controlled drive concepts. Our ECO Drive uses the high moving load of the moving beam to generate energy during the controlled quick lowering of the beam. This energy is fed back to the power network. That helps our customers lower their energy consumption.
The modular tool system with half shells reduces tool costs. It involves a FEM-optimized Siempelkamp design that has been enhanced over the years.  The massive tool carrier segments are equipped with half shells corresponding to the desired pipe diameter. Tool carriers and half shells are made of spheroidal graphite cast iron. The graphite deposits in this cast material are the reason that the friction between sheet and tool (tool wear) is minimized.

Scope of supply:

  • Forming die
  • Half-shell system 
  • Quick die changing system
  • Application software for crimping, U-forming, and O-forming processes
  • Equipment for the pipe transport
  • Spraying and lubrication devices
  • Safety systems
  • Energy-optimized drive system
  • Measurement system for the recording of the pipe gap





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