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U-Forming press

Siempelkamp is number one in tailor-made plants for the leading manufacturers of pipeline pipes.   
These large-diameter pipes with longitudinal weld seams are manufactured using crimping, U-forming, and O-forming presses. Compared to other processes on the market, these three presses achieve high production outputs of up to 30 pipes per minute regardless of the pipe diameter.
For these large presses featuring our proven metal frame construction, the heavy component parts and tools are manufactured in our in-house foundry. The three hydraulic presses present the essential forming units of a modern production line for longitudinally welded pipes with lengths of up to 18 m in three forming steps.
For each of the three forming steps, Siempelkamp offers the optimal press and the associated equipment for the forming line (e.g., pipe transport, lubrication, measuring). 
U-forming presses are equipped with three to four main cylinders for a pipe lengths of approx. 11-18 m. The sheet metal is precisely positioned and centred in the press and formed along the horizontal and vertical forming directions. The controlled operation of all three axes allows the manufacture of the optimal U-shape.

Scope of supply:

  • Forming die
  • Half-shell system  
  • Quick die changing system
  • Application software for crimping, U-forming, and O-forming processes
  • Equipment for the pipe transport
  • Spraying and lubrication devices
  • Safety systems
  • Energy-optimized drive system
  • Measurement system for the recording of the pipe gap




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