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Straightening press

Application areas for straightening presses include the sheet metal processing industry. Here, this type of press is used for the straightening of semi-finished products, such as the levelling of uneven sheet metal and slab surfaces, which are used in subsequent processes. In addition to high straightening accuracy, Siempelkamp straightening presses provide a broad straightening spectrum and high flexibility in the further processing of sheet metal. For materials with a tensile strength of 1,300 N/mm2, sheet metal with a thickness of approx. 300 mm can be processed.

To do so, the presses are equipped with one or several straightening rams which can be operated together or individually. The pressing force needed for straightening is applied across the entire press width. Sheet metal can be straightened by cold or warm forming with sheet temperatures of up to 600°C. The parameters for the straightening process, such as press force, pressing intervals, straightening speed, and overextension can be controlled manually or automatically.

Features and function:

  • Servo-hydraulic drive system
  • Direct position measuring systems for precise force and position dependent operation
  • Roller tables in front and behind the press with automatic lifting and positioning of sheet metal
  • Different die geometries for the corresponding straightening tasks
  • Hydraulic damping of the roller tables
  • Process data acquisition and evaluation
  • Automatic die changing system
  • Integrated sheet metal handling systems


  • Level evenness of roller table at the measuring side after the press
  • High added value due to reduced machining operations
  • Reduced set-up times
  • Very precise straightening processes
  • Heat-straightening of sheet metal
  • Resource-efficient production and further processing of heavy plates


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