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Pioneering partnerships: Networking in our industry
Siempelkamp actively contributes to the development of the industrial use of composite components with funding projects, cooperations with universities and industry partners as well as memberships in associations.

Current R&D topics are for example:

  • the manufacture of large-area structural components for the aerospace industry
  • the integral construction approach, which combines several functions in one componen
  • the further development of thermoplast forming for the industrial process
  • the production of hybrid components made of fiber reinforced plastic and metal for the automotive industry

Through our active cooperation in associations, we are shaping the future of composite production.
As a part of the competence network CFK Valley e.V., we contribute with our experience to the construction of presses for the practical application of fiber composite and other lightweight construction technologies in the aircraft and automotive industry.
As a member of the Aachen Center for integrative Lightweight Construction, we share our knowledge and deepen our experience in close interdisciplinary cooperation with a strong international network.
As a founding member of the Open Hybrid LabFactory e.V. we have a presence with our own office in Wolfsburg. With our multi-purpose press system in OHLF’s pilot plant, members and industry partners are researching to develop new materials and manufacturing processes for the automotive industry.

Well prepared for the series
For large-scale tests, we supply presses that are used, for example, in the pre-production stage for industrial applications, such as optimizations or also release tests before production starts.
An example: The 2,500 t press for the OpenHybrid LabFactory e.V. is so strong that it can also be used for the simultaneous forming and joining of carbon and metal hybrid components.




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