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Laboratory Press

A press for all processes
Beside the pressing systems for industrial production, Siempelkamp manufactures laboratory press systems – both “try-out” presses for laboratory-scale tests with a starting pressing force of 150 t as well as presses for “fullscale testing”. The laboratory press systems are designed for maximum flexibility. With it, all processes of composite production can be investigated. For example, it can be investigated whether press technology is an economic alternative for “autoclave” processes.

All processes

  • SMC with glass fiber or carbon fiber
  • RTM
  • PCM
  • Organo-sheet consolidation
  • Thermoplast forming
  • Hybrid forming
  • Integrated molding and joining of hybrid materials

All control methods

  • Force control with position monitoring
  • Position control with force monitoring

Each process step can be individually defined and programmed:

  • All relevant process data are recorded and displayed.
  • The process can be followed step by step.
  • The included software enables easy analysis of the production data, thanks to the intuitive HMI.

Start immediately
The laboratory press can be delivered as a turnkey package with all periphery devices from cutting the fabrics until placing of the finished product. This means for our customers: you do not need to procure individual components, but you get a system that is immediately ready for operation and offers high flexibility. In contrast to traditional laboratory presses, it has all the features of their big brothers in the industry, for example the clearance-free positioning.

The scope of supply

  • Cutting devices
  • Press with a pressing force of 150 t
  • Heating and cooling system up to 400 ° C
  • Tool heating up to 180 ° C
  • Dosing and injection system for RTM
  • Oven for thermal aftertreatment
  • Post-processing / Trimming / Machining





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