Customized Solutions

Well thought out from scratch
Nowadays every customer has to meet unique requirements. That is why we tailor each system individually to the specific needs of the customer – not just the actual press with mechanics, hydraulics, drives and control, but the whole system including the upstream and downstream processes.

With the precision of a machine tool
With an extremely precise closed loop control of the ram plate, especially developed for the composite presses, we achieve the highest precision in every process phase – with fast closing as well as with the actual pressing or forming process.
Although the presses apply loads of several thousand tons, they work as accurately as machine tools. One of the reasons is that the control system automatically compensates for all interfering influences.

Complete Solutions
More than in other processes, the periphery of the press plays an important role: temperature windows are short, reaction times must be exactly adhered to, material must be quickly fed and removed.
That’s why we deliver complete solutions including peripheral systems. These components are harmoniously coordinated, for example handling, loading and unloading stations as well as post-processing.
As a general contractor, we completely integrate the individual components into a sinlge production line. This means for our customers: a single point of contact for the complete project.

System-related precision
With a unique design Siempelkamp’s composite presses achieve the high precision required for the production of fiber reinforced composites: the upper tool is guided exclusively by means of one axis with four individually controlled hydraulic cylinders.

Simple concept – impeccable conditions
The hydraulic control actively compensates all external influences from the process to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter. Since the ram plate is decoupled from the machine, other factors – for example, temperature behavior, horizontal forces, or the inevitable deformation of the press frame – do not affect the process. The fixed lower tool is, at all time, the absolute reference for the position and force control in the process.

Drive fast – close precisely
The control makes it possible to first lower the ram plate at a high speed and decelerates just before the final closing. This saves valuable production time during each press stroke.
The precise horizontal alignment of the upper tool ensures the stress-free retraction of the tool halves – jamming is virtually eliminated. This means highest press availability and long tool life.
The four individually controlled cylinders apply the force where it is needed: the thickness profile of the components is precisely maintained even in the case of extreme eccentric loads – a great advantage especially for asymmetrical components.


• Short cycle times
• Precise thickness distribution
• High reproducibility
• High availability


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