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Large Press for SMC

The SMC presses from Siempelkamp are designed in such a way that they can also be used for the RTM process.

Short cycle times
Since the SMC process is predominantly used in the production of high quantities, apart from precision, a short cycle time plays a important role. And since the compound material is chemically reactive, the time window for achieving an optimum surface quality is also small.
The advantages of the Siempelkamp presses: they apply the force extremely quickly to the product, because they close at a very high speed decelerating just before reaching the end position.
Depending on the level of automation, the tool change is done automatically – just 120 seconds later the next part can be produced!

No stress
The precise positioning of the ram plate ensures that the tools are precisely aligned to each other during the complete press stroke – not just on the last millimeters. Under all operating conditions the tools remain parallel. In this way the presses achieve high availability and the extensive tools have a long service life.
In the In-Mold Coating (IMC) after the actual pressing process, the presses’ outstanding feature is the
clearance-free suspension of the ram plate: the gap can be opened by a few tenths of a millimeter in a controlled manner.

Complete production plants
For the SMC process, Siempelkamp supplies complete solutions with harmoniously coordinated equipment:

  • Uncoiling and cutting to size
  • Weighing and feeding
  • Pressing and removing
  • Cooling
  • Edge trimming and joining




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