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Basic engineering for integrated plants

Through its Belgium-based subsidiary of Sicoplan nv, Siempelkamp is also able to offer planning and engineering services for complete plants that process wood-based materials.
The ability to handle materials technology constitutes the basis for the engineering of particleboards, MDF, OSB and insulation materials. Sicoplan draws on its full expertise and experience to plan and commission complete high-quality and environmentally-friendly plants. The aim is always to stay within budgets and schedules.


The spectrum of engineering services ranges from pre-engineering through basic engineering to detailed engineering for mechanical conveyors, pneumatic material transports and cyclones.   

  • Pre-Engineering: Sicoplan always creates a three-dimensional layout of the factory, material-flow diagrams, machine lists and plant-capacity calculations during the early stages of its projects. These documents then constitute the sound basis for further coordination with customers. The documents required for permit applications are drawn up later during the next phase. These include safety concepts, building plans and emission calculations.  
  • Basic engineering: once the delivery contract has been signed, Sicoplan provides its support for the procurement of machinery and equipment (scope of supply, technical specifications, principle drawings) so that all components come together to create a perfectly operating production line. 
  • The precise model details for the individual machines are incorporated into the three-dimensional factory layout as soon as they have been made available by the suppliers. This ensures that there is a consistent and up-to-date foundation for creating the principle drawings for steel construction, media connections, cable channels and so on.


  • This digital prototype is invaluable in bringing together all the parties involved in the project. Interfaces are made visible long before the construction work for the plant has commenced.
  • Critical areas are identified at an early stage, friction losses prevented and the completeness of the plant guaranteed.
  • The consequence is a significant reduction in the required time and budget.



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